četvrtak, 8. siječnja 2009.

80s Brithday Beach Party

Now, this post should have been written a long time ago. But because I was busy,  I left it for a while. Next week in Filter I will host 80s Aerobics Party so this post will be as a announcement for the forthcoming Aerobics.

I always write how awesome  our beach parties are, how more and more of our friends are attending these. The 80s Birthday Beach Party was also closing party for summer ’08, and boooi it was fun. 

I tried to make this one “special”, so I bought a cheap strobe and mirror ball with spotlight for extra feel :)

The tent, we sometimes assemble, and the dance floor were just to small for this occasion. I think attendance was around 100 and more and that was double pleasure :) 

We tried with the dress code but not many people was following that. Not to be blamed, we still have to adopt that practice that many of the young people around the world are following.

80s Aerobics is the next step. We now moved to the club, as we yearned many winters ago. 

If you are near Rijeka, Croatia and you feel like losing some weight, put on sneakers, leg warmers, tear those sleeves and come to 80s Aerobics @ Filter Bar  January 17, 2009. 

I made a short mix inspired by that party so people could remember and others could hear the music that was played:

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jedva čekam!!!!!!!!

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1. Anoraak - Taliking In Your Sleep (The Romantics Cover)

2. Madonna - Causing A Commotion

3. Pointer Sisters - Automatic

4. S-Express - Theme From S-Express

5. Pet Shop Boys - Heart

6. Human League - Don't You Want Me

7. Samantha Fox - Touch Me

8. Expose - Come Go With Me

9. A Cause Des Garcons - A Cause Des Garcons

10. Depeche Mode - I Just Can't Get Enough

11. Ray Parker Jr. - Theme From Ghostbusters (Don Rimini Ectoplasm Edit)

12. Ray Parker Jr. - Theme From Ghostbusters

13. Eddie Murphy - Party All The Time

14. The Outfield - Your Love